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"I would add one word for any student beginning economic study who may be discouraged by the severity of the effort which the study ... seems to require. The complicated analyses which economists endeavor to carry through are not mere gymnastics. They are instruments for the bettering of human life. The misery and squalor that surround us, the injurious luxury of some wealthy families, the terrible uncertainty overshadowing many families of the poor--these are evils too plain to be ignored. By the knowledge that our science seeks it is possible that [these evils] may be restrained ... To search for [that knowledge] is the task, to find it perhaps the prize, which the 'dismal science of Political Economy' offers to those who face its discipline."

--Arthur C. Pigou, Welfare Economics (1928)

"Intuition and rigor are both important."

--Halbert White (ca 1980)

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Part 1: Mathematical tools

Part 2: Consumers and demand

Part 3: Firms and competition

Part 4: General equilibrium and market power

Part 5: Further topics

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